Lenovo and Tradeicsbel on wheels

Coming from Belarus, an incentive program organised for two clients, Lenovo and Tradeicsbel: an intense timing for the first four days and a more relaxed ending part of the week. The company decided to organise a whole week incentive trip to be spent plunged into the Roman buzz and under the sunny Tuscan sky.
Italian lifestyle, a crescendo of wheels to end up in the wild Maremma in Tuscany. A very unique week, blended with great food experiences and very exclusive locations, carefully selected to be pampered as only in Italy you can do!

A glamorous program filled with Vespa exclusive tours, a playful and “wet” tour with Vintage Fiat 500 and an incredible ride on Ferrari cars, along the gentle rolling hills of Val d’Orcia in Tuscany.

Wine tasting, cooking lessons, ice creams, sea, beach and a farewell rustic dinner to close an incredible week on roaring engines!!

...In Rome, during the site inspection!