Milan & Lombardy

Lombardy is one of the largest regions of Italy, embracing the Dolomites. A region with high mountains and long rivers, known for being European capital of design and trends. Top for MICE!
Milano, with its two international airports and the main train station, linking all Italian regions, is the ideal locations for any travel. Fulfill your event also with culture: history is found in every quarter, behind every corner, in the architecture of the churches, the enchanting geometry of the Sforzesco Castle, the impressive cathedral and the Da Vinci’s "Last Supper" fresco.

It's also the temple of the shopping with its frenetic rhythms that point out the Milanese lifestyle and the fashion quad, the headquarters of shops and fashion houses of the most important designer labels. From the 50's Milan is the international centre of fashion and tells about itself all around the world thanks to the famous stylists and fashion designers. Let the Milanese glitters and glamour overwhelm your senses.

Don't forget Monza, worldwide famous because of the "Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monza", if you are looking for a very special hospitality program & reward for your teams and partners…of course framed in a charming historical atmosphere.
Or consider the lakes area, if you want to match a perfect MICE program, experiencing the vibe of Milan and the exclusiveness of Bellagio, Stresa and Como, just to mention some of the most famous spots on the lake shores.

Mantova, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a unique relaxing excursion day, if you want to add a touch of splendid Renaissance allure to your travel programs. Pavia with its monastery, named "La Certosa", that was once belonging to the Visconti family of Milan, is also a place not to be missed.

Cremona, the hometown of “torrone” and Stradivari’s violins, are original places, still not so touristy and allow your guests to feel and experience a genuine Italian way of living.
Small towns, historical and elegant city centers, like Vigevano, Como, Lecco are unconventional incentive destinations.
Bergamo with its charming “upper” part offers unforgettable travel experiences!