Venice & Veneto

Choose Venice, a city on islands with thousand years of history and a unique city centre. The treasures of the "Serenissima" tucked away in "calli" and "campielli", are places where authentic Venetian life goes on. Piazza San Marco, the heart of the city, the Basilica of Saint Mark, that you can access exclusively, the adjacent Palazzo Ducale, where you can organise a magnificent gala dinner...Don’t forget that to fully appreciate the beauty of Venice, it is also a “must” visiting the Lagoon cruising around the islands..Those are only some examples of what you could plan for your special event, not to mention, very exclusive palazzi, incredible venues, some increndible roof terraces with stunning views... Consider seriously also to organise your travels during low season, when you can appreciate a more real Venetian experience…
During the year the occasions to visit the city are countless, so do not hesitate to get in touch to verify which dates are the most suitable for your event