Italy Proposals and Weddings

Are you ready to propose and were you thinking of doing it in Italy? Were you thinking of creating the perfect romantic wedding proposal in an intimate Venetian Villas or in a Tuscan castle? Would you rather fancy being on the beach by a candlelit dinner on the sand? Flying over Venice to propose could tickle your fantasy?
Planning the right moment in the right place is just soooo important when such important milestone arrives… Italy offers so many charming and fascinating spots with a very special atmosphere, just count on us to tailor your special celebration, we have some very romantic ideas to make your partner say YES!

Your special moment has to be impeccable and unforgettable!
Proposal or wedding day, we are behind the scenes to plan and coordinate an effortless day to remember for life! Italy is a unique wedding destination and we are at your disposal to make your dream come true. If you're looking for romantic and distinctive ideas in Italy, we are able to support you with honest advices and recommendations thanks to our long experience in creating bespoke events.