Venice & Veneto

Veneto offers several interesting M.I.C.E. solutions thanks to its strategic position in Northern Italy, with a direct access from sea and three international airports, linking the city to all continents!

Florence & Tuscany

Tuscany, located in central Italy, has many ingredients for a perfect M.I.C.E. Event.
Beautiful landscape with gentle rolling hills, artistic heritage, great food and excellent grapes and wines.

Milan & Lombardy

Lombardy is one of the largest regions of Italy, embracing the Dolomites. A region with high mountains and long rivers, known for being European capital of design and trends. Top for M.I.C.E.!

Rome & Lazio

Rome, Italy's capital, is an attractive business travel hub thanks to its versatile logistical places. Historic locations, attractions and exclusive venues are just unique for your "Vacanze Romane"! 

Naples & Campania

Naples, Sorrento, Positano, Capri island, are attractive places when searching for a all year round sunny destination. Plan your event in Naples and in the Amalfi coast for a VIP and exclusive

Cinque Terre & Liguria

Liguria, better known as the Italian Riviera is one of the most beautiful European coastal strips. A famous destination for Italy lovers. A unique landscape, in between the sea and the mountains.

Cagliari & Sardinia

Sardinia is way off most tourist itineraries of Italy. Heavenly beaches are some of the most spectacular ones in Italy. Untamed landscapes, this is what Sardinia offers for a perfect incentive!

Taormina & Sicily

Sicily, the island, is an amazing place for any type of event: an incentive trip to Sicily has endless program possibilities. Sicily is home to sun all year round... so start planning!

Lecce & Apulia

Apulia in a few words: sun, sea, olive trees, masserias, white villages and great food and wines. Visitors are still treated like home guests as mass tourism has never reached Apulia.