Lecce & Apulia

Apulia in a few words: sun, sea, olive trees, masserias, white villages and great food and wines. Visitors are still treated like home guests as mass tourism has never reached Apulia.
The region offers around 300 days of sunshine per year together with an incredible coastline of 800 km and dazzles with its bright colourful landscape.
A flat land with an extraordinary stony land spotted with cathedrals, castles and charming "masserias" which rise up from the villages.The amazing Apulian sea surrounds an immense area of sand and rocks, ports with lighthouses, little villages with views, scents and tastes. A detoxing environment enriched by many local food and traditional experiences, to let you discover an unspoilt Italian region, with centuries old traditions.

Come to Salento and dance the night away with the “Pizzica salentina” to celebrate your team goals: a real journey into Apulian folk music.If you want to organise your incentive trip in Summer, be sure to match the right dates of the music festival or if you prefer, we will organise an exclusive experience just for your guests in a private masseria.
Keep up with the rhythm of the music. Every one is invited to join and have fun! The festival attracts around thousands visitors: streets and piazzas are filled with people, street kiosks sell pitta, an Apulian focaccia stuffed with potatoes, to pair with a good local wine such as Primitivo di Manduria.

Gallipoli and Otranto are perfect starting point for a vacation during the festival. Gallipoli, a Baroque town, is perfect both for those who want to enjoy a holiday by the beach and for those who prefer a more cultural experience. Otranto, named “Pearl on the Adriatic coast”, is so famous for its beautiful white sand beaches.

But don’t forget the sea…Sail along the stunning coast line and its crystal clear waters, exploring beautiful sandy beaches and bays and get the perfect tan! Enjoy the fantastic view of the remarkable cliff line and, while you  enjoy Italian snacks and refresh yourself in the crystal-clear water! If you fancy more adrenalin, let us organise you an exclusive sailing regatta

Puglia can be reached by plane landing in Bari, elegant city perfect scenery for a first Apulian approach or flying into Salento directly landing in Brindisi.

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