Into the charm of North Italy

When we got this request, a small VIP Tunisian delegation, what we actually thought, at first, was: we will need to provide halal services. Which, sometimes, according to the cities requested is not such an easy option.
An Italian company leader in designing, producing and marketing tractors, trusted us for the second incentive of their sales department. The first group we had was with Canadian and USA dealers, this time a more delicate operation for a small group of collaborators coming from Tunisia, with different religion values and habits.
Four days, landing in Bologna, experiencing the relaxing atmosphere of Emilia Romagna and its generous land. 
The following day we moved the delegation to Valpolicella for accommodation stopping in Mantova for a day trip excursion.
The Clients enjoyed the walking guided tour in Mantova, to visit the castle, the heart of the city and a nice Italian lunch with an halal menù.
When in Valpolicella, we selected a Venetian villa to host them, as the standards required had to be high.
Clients loved the relaxing and joyful atmosphere of the different cities we proposed. We added a must in the area, Verona, with the Arena and of course Venice to close with a wow factor a business break in North Italy.