25th Corporate Anniversary

The challenge was to prepare a unique travel program for 113 guests and win among other four DMCs contacted to design the journey. We were asked to present a customized idea, a cycling incentive travel program in the Italian vineyards, to be held in March. We needed to provide a very charming location, to rent exclusively and convert it into their headquarter, for an entire weekend.

We carefully studied the suitable areas in Italy and we understood, that matching many factors that Veneto can offer such as the Venetian Villas, vineyards and off beaten tracks activities, were the perfect answer to Client’s needs and expectations.
Välkomna till Veneto i Trevisos provins. Vi befinner oss på en plats som har en mycket speciell mångtusenårig historia och en underbart vacker natur. Här finns exellenta viner samt diverse mat produkter med speciella smaker...

Clients landed @ Venice airport, had a rich and tasty welcome into the Italian culture stopping for a brunch in a family run “agriturismo” in the area of Venice mainland. We, then, drove them into their “home” for their long weekend: a magic venue in a small hamlet dominating the Prosecco hills.

For the following day, we designed an exclusive, and of course safe, bike tour, for the entire group to cycle and explore the most famous Prosecco hills with its charming vineyards and historical cellars. The whole day went by on bike, with tasting stops and a rustic relaxing lunch, to savour the local Venetian recipes and delicacies.

Having landed in Venice, we could not forget, of course, to include the discovery of the island. As local DMC and being Venetian, we wanted to introduce the Clients into the real Venetian atmosphere! After a morning business meeting, we planned a fantastic and funny lagoon cruise with some live Venetian language class with Swedish explanations onboard, an interesting walking tour ending into a private Venetian Palazzo, for a very exclusive and surprising dinner.

A moment to experience Venice like noble Venetians used to do in the past centuries: a welcome cocktail in the inner courtyard and a dinner on the noble floor…feeling the unchanged privilege of being in Venice as at home!

A great, long dancing night, to end in the best possible way a perfect stay in Veneto, in North Italy! An intense journey into the Italian culture to work, socialise and celebrate 25 years of successful working life during a great sunny March!