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Trentino Castles

Castello del Buonconsiglio

It was immortalised in 1494 in a famous watercolour by Albrecht Duerer, was founded as an imperial garrison in the first half on the 13th century. It runs parallel to the city wall, dominating the city. The castles consists of a complex of buildings from different epochs. It is surrounded by an imposing curtain wall, fortified with rampants, concealing a magnificent Italian-style garden.


Castel Thun

The austere and stately Thun Castle overlooks the Non Valley Territory.It's the harmonious union between fortification and an elegant noble residence with extensive gardens. Once the home of the ancient and powerful Thun family, it is now a rare example of furnished noble residence with its original furniture and invaluable art collection.


Castello di Stenico

Fortress. Residence. Museum. Hunched on the brow of the hill that dominates the village of Stenico, the castle retains the solidly imposing appearance of a fortified building.


Castel Beseno

The castle which is the largest fortified complex in Trentino, extends over the summit of the hill of Beseno, occupying a positionof great strategic importance fro the control of the Vallagarina and communications routes kinking the German Empire with the Italian peninsula. The fortress is Medieval in its origins, but underwent a fundamental reconstruction in the first half of the 16th century.