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Italian Spas

In Italy, SPAS, are an important part of Italian lifestyle and worth flying for. Having time on your own to pamper body and soul has always been part of the Italian lifestyle since ancient times, when people used to meet daily at the thermal springs.


EUGANEAN Spas are the biggest area in Europe, lies at the heart of the Veneto Region amidst Nature and the soft, rolling Euganean Hills. It's only 50 km away from Venice. This area offers a refined and relaxing environment and all sorts of leisure activities. The mineral water, containing sodium, chloride, bromide and iodide, at a temperature of 87°C, together with thermal mud, contain therapeutic properties that have been know since ancient times. 

The Spas of RECOARO in Vicenza area, a hydrotherapeutic centre renowned since 18°th century, offer hotels complete with spa treatment, warm baths and mud immersions, set in a pleasant, natural environment, rightly called “emerald valley”.


Many spas in the Lombard region welcome you to relax and detox from stress of everyday life, promote physical well-being and provide pleasure for the eyes...but also the possibility to treat skin and respiratory tract conditions of varying levels or seriousness. 

Some stations are true cities of water following the central-European model: Boario Terme, where four thermal water springs flow enriched with different amounts of salt. Angolo Terme centre, where the beneficial properties of San Silvestro spring have been recognised for centuries. Sirmione spas, located on the spectacular banks of the Garda lake which are hugely popular due to their many healing properties. Salice Terme, in Pavia, is surrounded by green triangle of the Oltrepò where one can experience the regenerative properties of the sulphuric waters of well-being centre, the president spas, ideal for respiratory, vascular and skin treatments. The Bormio spas, with its outdoor pools are located in the heart of the high Valtellina surrounded by the imposing summits of Stelvio National Park and Bagni Masino, located at 1.200 metres in beautiful Alpine mountain surroundings. 


Capri, in ancient times, during the Roman Empire, was the perfect place to relax and indulge in a very imperial way in any form of pleasure... Capri, this immense cliff that rises from the abysses, is a true miracle combining earth, sky, sea and light. Tiberius, the Roman Emperor, built twelve villas, each one with a spa. He was a great believer in salus per aquam. Nowadays, Capri is still a spa lover's paradise and the island's luxury wellness and beauty farms are famous worldwide to pamper guest in a truly professional way. In addition to this the marine grottoes, the Faraglioni with their extraordinary shapes, the green vegetation on the steep rocky slopes, the incomparable scenery, the mix of nature, art, culture and jet-set society, make this most dreamed of and celebrated island of them all.


Ischia, is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples. For its extraordinarily beautiful scenery the island is also called Green Island: the fertility of its terrain, which produces prized wines, also paints the island with beautiful flowers. A must for Ischia are its thermal baths, famous for the quality of its waters and the landscape that is the backdrop for spas and thermal parks. The thermal wealth of the island is immense: 29 basins, and hundreds of mineral springs and fumaroles.