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Italian Lakes

Italy is a land of large and small lakes which occupy an important place in landscape and natural heritage. As a matter of fact, every part of them has its own special charm. Along its shores, the wonderful villas, the churches and abbeys, the picturesque villages, the castles and the towers appear in all their beauty as if, by magic, slope down to the deep blue waters.

Garda Lake

The biggest lake in Italy. Bays and coves alternating, picturesque villages and castles surrounded by lush vegetation owing to a mild climate, such as citrus trees, oleanders, agave and palm trees, and above all olive trees, symbol of the territory. Garda, town which lent its name to the lake, is located in Riviera degli Olivi. Founded by the Romans, it has many fine villas and gardens as well as Gothic and Renassance buildings.

Lake Maggiore

It's the most western lakes whose Lombard shore is dominated by imposing Angera Castle, it opens onto Laveno and Luino gulfs. The elegant Stresa, internationally famous holiday destination, offers the possibility of many different excursions: Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori.  

Lake Como

Breathtaking views of valleys, cliffs, peninsulas of Alpine foothills.The city of Como has always had two different identities: known as an industrial town because of the silk manufacturing, is also a tourist destination thanks to its charming position. Bellagio also has a picturesque setting and because of that is so called " the pearl of Lake Como". It was founded by the Romans and became very popular in 19th century, during the epoch of "Grand Tour". Not to be missed Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo- Cadenabbia, famous because of its fascinating gardens and for its art treasures by Canova, Hayez and Thorvaldsen.

Lake Iseo

It's the most secret and secluded of the larger Lombard lakes, with its wooded shores and Monte Isola, the largest lake island in Italy.