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Florence & Tuscany

Tuscany, located in central Italy, has many ingredients for a perfect M.I.C.E. Event: the natural beautiful landscape with the gentle rolling hills, the artistic heritage and the fine food together with the excellent grapes and wines, make Tuscany the protagonist of the Meeting Industry when looking for a Travel destination with character.


In Tuscany, nature has many facets: the Versilia coastline that alternates long sandy beaches with rocky cliffs, an extraordinary Tuscan Archipelago with crystal-clear waters and a rich Mediterranean vegetation. Unspoilt nature areas like the Orbetello Lagoon, the enchanting Baratti Gulf and the ancient Etruscan sites such as Vetulonia, Pitigliano and Vulci.


In the XV° and XVI° centuries Tuscan artists such as Masaccio, Donatello and Michelangelo created works that have influenced painters and sculptors down to the present, and every major town in Italy reflects to some extent the ideas of Tuscan architects - Brunelleschi in particular. The country's very languages bears the stamp of Tuscany, as the roots of modern Italian spring from the dialect written by Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarca, each of whom was born in the region.

The Tuscan landscape, too, is archetypally Italian. Its elements, walled towns, lines of cypress trees, rolling, vineyard-covered hills, are the classic backdrops of Renaissance art, disarmingly familiar from innumerable paintings. 


It's worldwide known as home of the Italian Renaissance: since early last century Florence has been celebrated as the most beautiful city in Italy. Stendhal staggered around its streets in a perpetual stupor of delight; the Brownings sighed over its idyllic charm and E.M. Foster's Room with a View portrayed it as the great southern antidote to the sterility of the Anglo-Saxon life...  With a perfect scenery, picturesque hillsides and a special atmosphere that reminds us of the rich art production, Florence is one of the classic Italian destinations.

The moment you step out the train station, the pinnacle of Brunelleschi's stupendous dome is visible over the rooftops, and when you reach Piazza del Duomo the close-up view is even more breathtaking, with the multicoloured Dome rising behind the marble-clad Baptistery. Wander from there down towards the River Arno and the attraction still holds, beyond  the Piazza della Signoria, site of the immense Palazzo Vecchio, the water is spanned by the shop-laden medieval Ponte Vecchio, with gorgeous San Miniato al Monte glistening on the hill behind it. 


The city is not just a tourist destination: not far from Piazza dei Miracoli where the Leaning Tower and the Duomo lie, visitors will find a relaxed, fresh vibe of its own. The real city is a perfect blend of fascinating cobble-stoned alleyways, with locals having their own morning espressos, sun- dappled squares and interesting places to discover.


Punta Ala & Argentario Island

Crystal clear waters and ancient towns this is what attract you here to relax and enjoy the unique beautiful panorama together with a real Tuscan lifestyle