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Weddings in Italy

Would you like to get married in Italy? Our aim is to help the Bride and the Groom to coordinate at best a bespoke Italian Wedding Event.


We take care of all the necessary arrangements to make a fairy tale wedding come true including accommodation, venues, flowers, photos & video and much and much more.


We organize following ceremonies:


  • Civil: to be celebrated in a Town Hall or a property approved by the Italian government. Outdoor Civil Wedding Ceremonies can only be performed in certain Italian locations approved by the local authorities. Duration approximately 20 to 30 minutes. There is a fee to pay to the town halls for conducting a civil wedding, which varies according to many factors. The wedding certificate issued to you after the ceremony is internationally and legally recognized. It is issued in five languages. 
  • Symbolic: consisting of a blessing or a renewal of vows. You can have a Symbolic Ceremony in Italy even if you decide to legalize your union in your own Country. It is a personalized ceremony tailored to the couple’s taste and desire and can take place anywhere in Italy without limitations or restrictions. This wedding is no legally binding and couples have the freedom to personalize the Ceremony! 
  • Symbolic gay Weddings (legal ceremonies are not permitted in Italy yet).

Concerning Religious Wedding Ceremonies, a solemn rite bless the union in front of God, we celebrate: 


  • Catholic: it can only be celebrated when one of the parties is of catholic religion. Ceremonies are possible in Catholic Churches or Chapels. It is not possible to have a catholic wedding outside a church or a chapel. Catholic Weddings in Italy can also be legally binding if the legal paperwork are provided also for the civil side. 
  • Protestant: in Italy can be either a religious blessing or we can provide a Minister or Pastor who will perform a civil and protestant ceremony simultaneously.
 It can take place in a protestant church or in a wide range of private venues for example villas, castles, gardens, terraces, hotels, outdoors or indoors etc. The paperwork requirement for the civil side varies according to the nationality of Bride and Groom and we can advise of all necessary paperwork. 
  • Jewish: we can arrange different types of Jewish weddings and suggest the right location whether you are Orthodox, Reform, Conservative or Re-constructionist. There are several different locations to choose from depending on the type of rabbi who will be officiating the ceremony.  In order to have a Reform Jewish wedding in Italy you can bring your own rabbi from home.  The wedding would take place in a private location, such as a private palazzo, villa or other location of your choice. This type of ceremony would be religious only and not legally binding.  
  • Muslims: This type of ceremony is only possible in certain districts in Italy and full details are provided to the couples when requested. It can take place in a private location with the Imam or Sheikh attending the ceremony. If you wish to get married in a mosque in Italy, please note that it is more difficult and the rules are quite strict so please bear this in mind if this is your case.

We coordinate a group of Professional Wedding Planners active in various locations in Italy. All our Location Wedding coordinators speak English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish and of course Italian.


Our local wedding planners will take care of all legalities and aspect involved in organizing wedding in Italy.