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Exclusive Dinner for Two in Venice


Want to propose in a very original way? Then sneak away to a romantic trip to Venice and have the perfect night to impress your special one.

Looking for an unforgettable and romantic evening experience?

Pamper your partner with an exclusive table for two in the heart of Venice.


If Venice Island is indeed a unique place in the world to celebrate your Love, then the charming atmosphere of an exclusive Palazzo “just for you”, is undeniably the most romantic dinner experience you can desire.


Imagine to arrive by gondola and a glass of sparkling prosecco in your hands... imagine an elegant and intimate venue... imagine a personal Chef cooking the exquisite Italian dishes only for you two… imagine to sip your favourite wine and imagine a pianist to play only for you and your Love…


The perfect backdrop of an unforgettable moment in your relationship.


Is a romantic candle dinner a great idea but you feel you want more?

Put the cherry on the cake and surprise your fiancé with a romantic night in the Palazzo.

Experience the aura of the romantic Venetian night and enjoy the exclusivity of this historical Palazzo opening the doors only to celebrate your special moments.


That’s what you get if you choose to book your Special Dinner with us. What more could you possibly want?


Prices starting from euro 1350,00 per Exclusive Dinner for two, including Gondola & Prosecco,for further info please contact